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A Bit About Us

Our Background

Killpest Pest Control Services is an independent, family
run business, based in Emmer Green in Reading,
Berkshire, that have been operating in the local area for
over 30 years, covering Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire
and Buckinghamshire, earning a trusted and professional reputation.

We offer affordable pest control to home owners, who can
be assured the work being carried out is legal, safe and not
damaging to the wildlife.

We are trained to deal with a wide variety of pests, from rats, mice
and squirrels to bedbugs, moths, spiders, fleas and wasps.
No job is too small and we will continue the treatment until we are
sure we have solved your problem.

As we do not have the high overheads, we can offer you a cost-
effective, quality service, tailored around you and your home.

To find out exactly how we can meet your needs, please get in touch by using the online contact form, or call us on 07391 995010.

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